My name


… is Josette de Forrest and I live in a mansion surrounded with rose brambles in England, in an isolated portion of the countryside. I am of English and French descent. I am betrothed to my childhood friend, Garth.

I tutor girls from this countryside in history and the fine arts. My half-brother Christoph, who lives with me, is a composer who teaches music and dancing. The house we live in is Christoph’s ancestral home, but he doesn’t like to be reminded of that. He invites many other artistic friends to stay here…

… Not Garth. Garth is neither artistic, nor a friend of my brother’s. But I promised my mother I would marry Garth. She and her dear friend Rose, Garth’s mother, conspired over our cradles to see us wed, and it was my mother’s one consolation that I marry a good man one day.

In the meantime, many artistic personalities stay at the mansion, and there is rarely a dull moment in the day.


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