My name


is Josette de Forrest and I live in an old country house in the south of France. I am of South Korean and French descent, and I have one sibling, a twin brother named Josian.

I am a teacher at a local school. Our father grew up in the house where Josian and I now live. We were separated at birth. I was raised in an orphanage in France, while Josian lived with our mother in South Korea. It has been an adjustment living with Josian. He is used to giving directions and having others follow them.

I have often felt, even though I’m at the beginning of life’s journey, that I have been given a second chance. I don’t know where that feeling comes from, but every morning I feel I have been given a precious gift of time. That somehow, in the distant past, I experienced a deep sorrow, and that I have been given the chance to start over again.

Each morning is filled with promise. I watch each day unfold with interest, imagining that I can hear echoes from the past, ever so lightly, and that little by little, some deep mystery will be revealed to me.



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